State Of The University


Dear Southernites,

We have much to celebrate - a tradition of all around excellence, outstanding graduates in leadership roles, a global alumni network, beautiful campuses, academic programs of great potential, high quality professional training and extension programs, a history of service to the underserved.

Perhaps our most important mark of distinction is that we are unique in the world. We are the only Historically Black College and University System; as such, we are equipped to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing world.

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Keys To The Future

  • System reorganization
  • Establish a Business Operations Coordination Center
  • Create an Office of External Affairs
  • Establish an Enrollment Services Center
  • Enhance SUSLA presence at SUBR and SUNO
  • Enhance EOServe partnership
  • Expand global presence

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    Expected Outcome

  • Increases revenue
  • Enrollment processing center
  • Single point of entry for students
  • Improve graduation rates
  • System-wide savings due to duplication elimination
  • Increase purchasing power
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Improved customer service

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